Chiellini welcomes Pogba back to Juventus – excited to join Bale team.

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Former Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini is delighted that Paul Pogba is set to return to Turin. Ready to reveal the excitement of playing on the same team as Gareth Bale at LA FC.

         The France international midfielder arrives in Italy to prepare for a medical. And sign a contract back to Juventus again on a free transfer. Which Chiellini hailed Pogba excellent pace and considers his return to be important to club UFABET

         “(His return) will be very important.” Chiellini, who won nine Serie A titles with the club, told ESPN.

         “There is a fire inside of him that will show everyone how cool he is. I had high expectations from him.”

         Meanwhile, Chiellini spoke about his team up with Gareth Bale. saying: “It’s a big surprise. I was at the beach waiting for my visa. When Bale signed the contract I said ‘wow’ and I was really excited.

         “He is another player who can help us. But the most important thing is not Chiellini or Bale or anyone else. The priority is the team and getting to the top of the league. We have to move forward like this.”

Paul Pogba started playing for the youth club Roisian Brie in 1999-2006, then moved to Torsi’s youth club in 2006-2007, followed by Le Havre in 2006. France 2007-2009. Before Manchester United was drawn to the youth team in 2009-2011 and became a first-team player in 2011-2012, then left to Juventus in 2012-2016. But in 2016, Manchester United reigned supreme Jose Mourinho bought Paul Pogba back for the most expensive transfer in the world at the time. Until being the most expensive player in the world, more than 89 million pounds 

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