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Reasons why your body odor is stronger than normal people.

About body odor We believe that everyone has one. Especially in hot weather like ours, just step out of the bathroom. Sometimes I’m already sweating in the middle of my back. But among body odors, there are further levels. The type that uses deodorant is enough to keep you on

“Black sesame” with precautions worth knowing before eating.

Black sesame is highly beneficial. Even though the amount eaten is not much. But because it’s small and light, it’s easy to eat and easily mixed with other foods. Therefore, many people may not be careful with the amount they consume each time. But black sesame is considered

How to benefit from eating garlic?

Allicin in garlic is beneficial to our body. It must be cut, chopped, pounded, or crushed. Garlic should be cut, chopped, pounded, or crushed 5-10 minutes before cooking. This allicin substance will not disappear when heated. Therefore, you will eat it fresh. Or it’s okay to cook food

What foods are high in sodium?

If comparing natural foods together Meats such as beef, pork, and chicken are higher in sodium than foods. Such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and dried beans. Including fish meat As for processed food or food that has been preserved using various methods. They are all foods that are high

How to prevent dust mite allergies?

How to prevent dust mite allergies? The best accumulation of dust or dust mites is bedding. And belongings of our home appliances there. We can prevent allergies from dust or reduce the risk of allergy to dust mites as follows at UFABET: You should regularly wash blankets,

What symptoms of dust mite allergy? with treatment

What symptoms of dust mite allergy? with treatment. Dust mite allergy is an allergic reaction to tiny insects that are invisible to the naked eye. Dust mites often live in our homes. They live in pillows, mattresses, blankets or carpets. This problem is dust mites. If left unattended, it