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Ozil believes in Guler talent.

Arda Guler, 19-year-old Real Madrid midfielder, has also received the backing of Mesut Ozil, who believes the young talent is only waiting for time to blossom. Mesut Ozil, former Real Madrid player, revealed that Arda Guler was like a younger brother to him when they

How to benefit from eating garlic?

Allicin in garlic is beneficial to our body. It must be cut, chopped, pounded, or crushed. Garlic should be cut, chopped, pounded, or crushed 5-10 minutes before cooking. This allicin substance will not disappear when heated. Therefore, you will eat it fresh. Or it’s okay to cook food

What foods are high in sodium?

If comparing natural foods together Meats such as beef, pork, and chicken are higher in sodium than foods. Such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and dried beans. Including fish meat As for processed food or food that has been preserved using various methods. They are all foods that are high

Brazil close to arresting ‘Robinho’ and spend 9 years

Robinho, former striker for the Brazilian national team Close to making amends for 9 years in prison for rape while playing in Italy in November last year. Italian officials Request to Brazilian officials. Robinho was sent to prison. After negotiations over the prisoner’s extradition ran into legal issues.

‘Cher’ missed out on helping the Swiss tonight

Newcastle United have a bit of a boost when Fabian Cher, their main defender, will miss the international game. Switzerland meets Israel tonight (Wednesday) due to a muscle problem. Cher played the full 90 minutes in the loss to Bournemouth last weekend. But it appears he also