Trent accepts  It’s difficult to catch up Manchester City.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool’s talented right-back admits that falling behind Manchester City in the last 6 games is difficult to catch up to.

    The “Reds” went through last weekend’s game with the same points as Arsenal at 71 points, but ranked 3rd on second-highest goal difference, ยูฟ่าเบท with Manchester City leading the pack with 73 points. Trent admits that falling behind Manchester City at this time of the season would almost certainly give away the championship.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has declared that Liverpool are determine to “throw everything” at their remaining six matches of the season, as they try to finish Jurgen Klopp’s final season on a high.

Despite recent setbacks, including exits from the FA Cup and Europa League, it has left them with just one focus. The task of overhauling Manchester City’s two-point advantage, and also getting ahead of Arsenal, is not an inconsiderable one.

Following their 1-0 Europa League victory over Atalanta and being knock out of the competition, Alexander-Arnold shared an optimistic outlook for the rest of the season. He said: “After the game we spoke quite positively about the rest of the season. We’ve got a month left and we need to give it everything.

    “Arsenal have experienced this before, we’ve experienced it a few times too. When you’re in the title race with Manchester City, they’re perfect,” Trent told UFABET News.

    “You can never stumble or make a mistake. If you give them the advantage, they won’t let it pass you by. They will not be weak. This is a fine fuel machine. That’s what they are. They will take action and nothing can stop them.”

    “Giving them the advantage in the final six games is almost like handing them the title. All we do is hope there is someone who can help us. and thus our goal difference – loss increased”