Puyol not sure Marquez is ready to take over from Xavi.

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Former Barcelona defender Carles Puyol has avoided answering questions about whether Rafael Marquez is suitable to succeed Xavi Hernandez as coach.

Legendary Barcelona defender Carles Puyol has admitted he is unsure whether Rafael Marquez would be the ideal replacement for Xavi if the Mexican was the right trainer. Pushed from Barca Athletic to take over the reins of the first team. According to a report from UFABET last Friday.

Puyol again addressed Xavi’s decision: ‘You should talk to Xavi about this topic. I think once he made up his mind And I don’t think he’s backing down. It’s a question for Xavi’

When asked if Rafa Marquez would be Xavi’s ideal replacement, Promotion ufabet the former Azulgrana defender replied: ‘That is a question for Deco and the management to decide. Rafa is a good friend. I wish him luck. But what if he is or must be the coach of the first team? It’s up to Deco to decide.’

Puyol also praised Pao Gubarsi, the rising star center who has emerged with Barcelona this season. ‘It’s very pleasing to me and it looks like he’s doing incredible things at just 17 years of age. I think he has a great future ahead of him.’

The 46-year-old former defender also mentioned this Sunday’s ‘El Clasico’ game. ‘It comes at a difficult time for Barcelona after being eliminated (from the Champions League), but it is also an opportunity to contribute to the league. And we’ll see what happens in the end.’

‘When you’re attacked like the other day. What you are waiting for is the next game coming so quickly that the situation and dynamic can be changed. and get rid of anger I think that’s what the team has to do.’