‘Kean’ comeback joins the launch of a new shirt, Manchester United

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Manchester United has launched a stylish 3-shirt, bringing the legendary Roy Keane to the story and secretly teasing “Shrimp Sandwich”, a legendary phrase.

Former captain of the Ireland national team Rejoining the Red Devils for the first time in 18 years as host of the new white shirt launch clip,

Keane spent 12 years at United before leaving in 2005 after an interview with MUTV in which he criticized teammates too ทางเข้า ufabet

In the launch video, Keane talks about the United spirit. But at the end of the clip, a “shrimp sandwich” was introduced as a teasing, which Keane shook his head angrily.

Back in November 2000, after a Champions League game against Dynamo Kyiv. Keane used to taunt fans for not showing interest in cheering for the team. Just eat shrimp sandwich Until it became a word for fans. Who are not interested in cheering for the team later

Keane said at the time that “Our fans came out and it was good too. But some people who come here You wonder if they understand the game of football?” “

We lead 1-0, then there are 1-2 misdirected passes and they chase the players. It’s not.

” They need to support the team, away from the fans, we’ve been great. I might call them big fans

. They didn’t even know what was happening on the pitch. I don’t know that some people who come to the old Can Trafford spell football? Don’t care if you understand it or not ′

′ Winning a game like 3-4 goals every time. These people have to play fantasy football, they need to be in the real world.”