How to prevent dust mite allergies?

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How to prevent dust mite allergies?

The best accumulation of dust or dust mites is bedding. And belongings of our home appliances there. We can prevent allergies from dust or reduce the risk of allergy to dust mites as follows at UFABET:

  • The bed is a source of dust. 

You should regularly wash blankets, sheets, pillow cases or other things on your bed. At least 1 time a week by using warm water or hot water about 60 degrees Celsius for a period of 30 minutes to kill dust mites. And should also use dust mite or allergen-proof bedspreads on the bed. In addition, if regularly cleaning the bedding can also reduce rashes on the face as well.

  • clean the house regularly 

Whether it’s carpets, sofas, curtains, dolls, appliances. Should wipe clean as often as possible to reduce the adhesion of dust mites to various objects. Floors should mop and vacuum cleaners should use to prevent the spread of dust. Should wear a mask to prevent dust mites every time If possible, avoid using carpet inside the house.

There are also other ways to prevent dust allergies such as 

  • Use an air purifier or HEPA Filter type air purifier to keep the relative humidity between 30-50%.
  • If there are pets in the house Pets should bathe frequently to reduce the amount of allergens on their fur.
  • Do not use detergents that cause skin irritation. because it can cause disease Allergic rash on clothes
  • Get rid of spoiled or expired food under the refrigerator. to reduce the growth of fungi

How severe is a dust mite rash that you should see a doctor? 

Allergic reactions to skin dust or dust mites. It looks like a red, itchy rash on the crook of the arms, legs, neck, armpits, groin, etc., or there are bumps around the pores on the arms and legs. Dust mite rashes can treate and alleviated. If anyone is concerned, they can consult a dermatologist to plan a treatment. If you follow the doctor’s recommendation. Inflamed skin and dust allergies will gradually decrease in severity. 

Summary of the topic “Allergic to dust”

Dust allergies or dust mite allergies are symptoms that affect health in everyday life. Most of the time, the cause is often cause by the environment around us, such as dust from the bed. Accumulation of dust in the house At present, treatment for dust allergies can begin with the avoidance of allergens as well as the use of medications to treat and prevent relapses.

The cause of dust rash is when the immune system reacts to foreign substances, namely dust mites. The immune system produces proteins called antibodies. to eliminate foreign matter from the body If we touch or live in an area with dust mites for a long time consecutively. It can cause chronic inflammation that can lead to asthma attacks. 

Including skin allergies, it can also be one of the causes of dust mite rashes as well. This skin allergy is cause by many factors together. Whether genetic Antigens in the air, dry skin, etc.

In addition, dust mites thrive in places with a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius and humidity. Combined with such environment, the fungus that grows on the skin remains of humans and pets. Shed off as food for dust mites. The more dust mites grow well as well. These causes can cause a dust mite rash.